Saturday, January 24, 2009

Horse Notebooking/Journal Pages

I have created some notebooking pages to go with a Horse unit study Mikaela wanted to do. I thought I would share. There are about 14 pages of different designs to choose from. Help yourself to this free download. You just have to click off the sponsor on the pdf file(free).
Happy Homeschooling!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Sweet Girl's Display Board

I love Tapestry of Grace's writing program! Sweet girl's assignment for the past few weeks was to do a display board. She chose her topic would be the Iroquois tribe. She not only learned how to properly do a display board(I think it turned out nice) but she also learned a lesson about time management.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Monday, January 19, 2009

Change of Plans

So ,we decided this morning we were going to go to the North Shore to see the waves and watch the surfers. In January/February, the North Shore is famous for the enormous 25-50 ft swells.

We stopped on the way in Haleiwa town and ate lunch at Cholos(Mexican). After lunch, we continued north on Kamehameha Highway until we came to a stop. Today being a holiday and of course the beautiful 75 degree weather- didn't hurt, everyone had the same idea.

It was around 1:00 and we had to be home by 3:00 because the plumber was coming. We quickly turned around and decided we would just go to Haleiwa Beach instead. The waves aren't as big there, but we were thinking the kids could run around and collect some coral.

When we got to the beach there were all of these tide pools. We had so much fun looking at all of the little creatures that were there. We found hermit crabs, ghost crabs, different kinds of fish and some really neat pieces of coral.

We are still planning on going and seeing the waves, but we'll wait until everyone is at work and school.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Just have to share this photo...

Blake LOVES football and he collects football cards. One day he was on the Baltimore Ravens website and discovered he could make a football card with "his photo" on it. He was so excited. He got dressed up in his helmet and jersey and asked his sister to take a picture of him. This is the photo. God love him!! He has always been my ham.

American Box Car Racing

The homeschool group had a field trip to Kunia Race Track last Friday. The kids had a 30 minute lesson on Physics and then were able to race the box cars. We had a great time. Ethan and I enjoyed going around the track a few times too. The whole time he was saying," WEEEEE." So cute!

Blake's Colonial Project

Blake chose to make a salt dough map of the thirteen colonies for his Unit 3 project. He really had a lot of fun. He really enjoys Geography. Unfortunately, Mikaela's project was lost in the move.


We had a nice, but busy Christmas. First, we decided to move and then Blake got sick. Sometimes life just moves so fast, then your child is sick and time just drags. You are waiting for test results and phone calls. It was the longest three weeks of my life. Luckily, my husband's mother came to visit and she was a really big help. She helped us move, clean, watched the kids(so my husband and I could go to the doc w/ Blake), unpack, wrap, shop...the list goes on. We couldn't have did it without her-thanks mom.

So, finally Christmas Eve came and we were ready. I couldn't believe it. Then, Christmas morning, it is always so magical. I always enjoy watching the children in the morning. Ethan was unwrapping and keeping up with his big brother and sister. In the afternoon I snapped some photos of Mikaela and Blake on their Ripsticks.

For those of you who have been praying for Blake....he is okay for now. The pediatrician is sending us to a Pediatric Nephrologist (Jan 28). She said the one disease, IgA, can go away and then return a few months later. I am praying he has no more problems, and that with the power of prayer, he has been healed. Amen.

Budding Photographer

Mikaela is taking a photography/yearbook class with our homeschool group. I wanted to share this picture she took of Roxy. She really is enjoying learning about photography and loves to take photos of her dogs. The assignment was to fill the frame. I think it turned out cute.


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