Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Joining 4H Clubs

Shortly after we moved here I signed Sweet Girl and Silly Guy up for the 4H club in our county.  They both picked out a few clubs they wanted to be involved in.  Sweet Girl chose the dog club and the skiing/snowboarding club.  Silly Guy chose the skiing/snowboarding club, shooting club, and rocketry club. This has been our first experience with 4H and so far it has been wonderful!  They have been making new friends, learning new things and getting involved in the community.
Silly Guy
The skiing/snowboarding club has been a great time.  I have enjoyed watching them learn and grow to love this sport.  They still have a couple more times this season to hit the slopes:)
Sweet girl
The shooting sports club hasn't started yet but I am told it starts when snowboarding club is over.  Silly Guy can't wait!
Sweet Girl is in her element with the dog club.  So far along with"business" meetings, they've been to a clinic which involved a  veterinarian talking to them about dog nutrition.  They went to a veterinary clinic and watched a dog under anesthesia have a few teeth extracted and cleaned.  This week they will be having another clinic about vaccination.
Roxy-Sweet Girl's project dog
The club is also organizing a dog show that will take place in our town this May.  Sweet Girl volunteered to take on the project of advertising.  She has chosen Roxy to be her project dog.  When we live in Hawaii she trained Roxy to do an agility course,basic obedience and a few tricks. However in the past six months or so, Roxy seems to have forgotten some of her training and is giving Sweet Girl a challenge.  Such a loveable girl though:)

Observing Nature in the Winter

 This winter we have ventured out a few times to do some nature observation...




Little Man wanted to leave his own tracks behind
Driftwood-LM thought... triceratops horns






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