Tuesday, June 30, 2009


We have had off of school for about 4 weeks now, and it always amazes me what the kids come up with. It really makes me think about the way children learn(especially my son).
My son is the child who gets frustrated, can't sit still, and I have to drag to the table every morning. Yet on these boring days he has written poetry, started a daily journal(he told me he wants to be like Ben Franklin and learn one new thing everyday and he is going to write it in his journal, reading books-probably more books in the past 4 weeks than he read in two-three months during our school yr, started making Venn diagrams comparing things, exploring in nature, made himself an exercise program, researching on the Internet and library, has not asked me to play the video game, drawing/painting/creating art, making up games, map quizzes, etc.
So what does this mean? Maybe this child needs more opportunities to be creative in his day? He seems to be enjoying this time and using it to learn in his own way. I haven't heard one time from this child,"I am bored." My daughter on the other hand told me yesterday she wanted to start school today-the child who likes routine and schedules.
I had been wondering all school year..is he learning anything? He just seemed to be so uninterested in everything we were doing(except projects). He has showed me in his own way that he has been learning this year. Most importantly he is learning to be an independent, life long learner and I am so proud of him!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day 2009

Father's Day 2009
We were headed out for a hike. We missed our turn and continued driving on a long and winding path. There wasn't a safe turn around so we continued driving.
About 15 minutes later, we looked to the right and there was a beautiful view of the
Waikiki skyline. I don't necessarily like the city, but the view was a picture.
We continued up this road which didn't seem to end. We looked at the thermometer
it read 77 degrees which was about 10 degrees cooler than it was 15 minutes
earlier(just to give you an idea of how high we were). We finally found a road and thought
we would be able to turn around. The road led us to a quaint park. We were the only
people in sight. There were picnic tables up on a hill and a path. We
decided we would venture down the path and there was a lookout. At the lookout
there were only two other families. It was quiet, a beautiful breeze and a
beautiful view. My husband was so happy to have found this little
hidden treasure that he wants to go back next weekend
for a picnic.
What a great find and a great Father's Day!
Daddy and his kiddos

The hike path. I just thought it was pretty.
A stream on the hike. The kids enjoyed throwing rocks and watching the little fish.

This is the path we followed to the lookout

Diamond Head Crater

Skyline of Waikiki

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Enjoying Our Summer Break

We went on a hike the other day. It always refreshes my soul to go out into the natural world and take a deep breath. Ethan rode in the backpack part of the way, but decided he wanted to walk. We let him down to walk and he was amazed by everything; the rocks, the sticks, the leaves, trees, flowers, etc.

This first picture was a rock Blake found....He said it had a face...can you see it?

Surf Lessons

Last week we went to surf lessons. The kids had a great time. Mikaela got up once. This was a big accomplishment for her. When we first started going she got up on the board. She is growing so fast and her balance has been a little off the past couple of times we have went. She was excited to get up and I think it helped that the waves were a little bigger this time. Blake got up on the board and has informed me that surfing is one of his "careers". Ethan had a great time playing in the surf and sand. He also was standing on the boogie board pretending he was surfing.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Mission Organization Part 1 The Boys Room

Yes, that is right. I did it! I went into their room box in one hand and trash bag in the other. I started under the beds and worked my way to the closet.

When I opened the closet door I just had to stand there for a moment.
I just don't understand....the bins are on the shelves.......EMPTY!!
All of the toys are on the closet floor, of course.
It made my job a lot easier.....everything went into the trash bag.
After about an hour of cleaning my boys room, and I am talking top to bottom-inside and outside of everything.
My husband said,"Oh that is the color of the carpet." LOL.

Into my room tomorrow. ......

Tuna with Artichokes

I wanted to share this yummy tuna recipe...sorry it is a recipe I whipped up, so I don't have the exact measurements.
2 cans of Albacore tuna
marinated artichoke hearts
lemon juice
salt & pepper
balsamic vinegar
about 2 tbsp.mayonnaise
1. Mix tuna and mayonnaise.
2. Chop artichokes and onion; toss in( # of artichokes/onion to taste)
3. Toss everything else in to your taste.
It was so yummy! Everyone in the family loved it!

Friday, June 5, 2009

My Journey as a Student Part 1

It has been 14 years since I have been a student. Going back to school has always been a goal of mine. I was motivated by my husband and so I thought I am going to do it. I registered for two classes; a Health and an English class.
To be honest with you, I was so nervous. I had my doubts… “The only thing I know is being a wife and homeschooling mother.” I kept thinking to myself,” Will I be able I do this?”
I logged in the first day and received the lesson schedule. At once, I made myself a new schedule. I had to rearrange my schedule to include my schoolwork. I realized the only time I had to get my schoolwork done was between 8-10 pm. I also wanted to include a family game and a movie night with our two older children since my schoolwork would be taking some of our time together. Some chores have had to take a back seat. I will have to admit cleaning is not a priority sometimes. I used to clean every day, but now Saturday is our cleaning day. I had to come to the realization that I am not a Superwoman and I have to set priorities. Sometimes I hear, “I can’t find clean shorts, shirt, or most recently underwear.” My response to that has been, “Check the dryer, the three baskets of clean clothes or my favorite PUT YOUR LAUNDRY AWAY!”
So, now I have completed my first two classes and I feel a sense of accomplishment. I did it! I still have a long way to go, but one step at a time right.
What did I learn?
Throughout taking the English class, I discovered a lot about myself. In this class I had to write a lot of essays. I learned about my thought process, my personal beliefs and morals, that I am good at thinking critically and I really enjoyed the process of examining a character and the symbolism authors use in their stories. I also learned I can be a good student. I am so proud of myself. I received a 100 % on my final exam/essay and my final grade for the class was a 99%.
From the Health class I learned. Some health issues are repulsive and I couldn’t even read a couple of pages because of the pictures. So with that being said….I learned I could not be a nurse. I also learned that two classes are too much for me. I received an 88%, but I know if I had more time I could have gotten an A, and that frustrates me. I try to look at everything as a lesson though and like I said I know now I can only take one class at a time.
So, my next class starts on Monday. I am taking a Child Psychology class (infants to adolescence). I am again feeling a little nervous and the doubt begins to creep into my thoughts. I just pray when this happens and ask God to guide me, to give me strength, and to give me the confidence that I need.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ethan's Birthday

Ethan had a great day! He woke up in the morning saying," It's my birthday." and had to tell everyone he saw. He thought the presents and cake were so amazing..."WOW!!!!" We took him to the movies for the first time and he just looked all around saying"WOW!!!" It was so much fun watching him enjoy every moment. This is the only picture that wasn't blurry because of his excitement.


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