Friday, June 5, 2009

My Journey as a Student Part 1

It has been 14 years since I have been a student. Going back to school has always been a goal of mine. I was motivated by my husband and so I thought I am going to do it. I registered for two classes; a Health and an English class.
To be honest with you, I was so nervous. I had my doubts… “The only thing I know is being a wife and homeschooling mother.” I kept thinking to myself,” Will I be able I do this?”
I logged in the first day and received the lesson schedule. At once, I made myself a new schedule. I had to rearrange my schedule to include my schoolwork. I realized the only time I had to get my schoolwork done was between 8-10 pm. I also wanted to include a family game and a movie night with our two older children since my schoolwork would be taking some of our time together. Some chores have had to take a back seat. I will have to admit cleaning is not a priority sometimes. I used to clean every day, but now Saturday is our cleaning day. I had to come to the realization that I am not a Superwoman and I have to set priorities. Sometimes I hear, “I can’t find clean shorts, shirt, or most recently underwear.” My response to that has been, “Check the dryer, the three baskets of clean clothes or my favorite PUT YOUR LAUNDRY AWAY!”
So, now I have completed my first two classes and I feel a sense of accomplishment. I did it! I still have a long way to go, but one step at a time right.
What did I learn?
Throughout taking the English class, I discovered a lot about myself. In this class I had to write a lot of essays. I learned about my thought process, my personal beliefs and morals, that I am good at thinking critically and I really enjoyed the process of examining a character and the symbolism authors use in their stories. I also learned I can be a good student. I am so proud of myself. I received a 100 % on my final exam/essay and my final grade for the class was a 99%.
From the Health class I learned. Some health issues are repulsive and I couldn’t even read a couple of pages because of the pictures. So with that being said….I learned I could not be a nurse. I also learned that two classes are too much for me. I received an 88%, but I know if I had more time I could have gotten an A, and that frustrates me. I try to look at everything as a lesson though and like I said I know now I can only take one class at a time.
So, my next class starts on Monday. I am taking a Child Psychology class (infants to adolescence). I am again feeling a little nervous and the doubt begins to creep into my thoughts. I just pray when this happens and ask God to guide me, to give me strength, and to give me the confidence that I need.

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