Friday, March 5, 2010

Rain Forest Lapbook

I have made a Rain forest lapbook to go along with Silly guy's study of the rain forest. He loves to complete lapbooks and I enjoy creating them for him. This lapbook concentrates on the major rain forests of the world; the Amazon and the Congo. It also includes a map book, vocabulary pages, animals of the rain forest, and a few general pages. I wanted to share the link to my page over at HSlaunch if you would like to download the lapbook for free. You can also access my other downloads in the blue box on the side bar.
Click here: The Rain Forest Lapbook

We have also been adding in some hands on activities to go with the study. He made this Amazon village this week. We used egg cartons cut in half for the houses. We made glue by mixing 1 cup of flour mixed with water until sticky. We then dipped newspaper strips into the glue and applied 3 coats of paper. After it was completely dry he painted them. We used paper towel rolls wrapped in construction paper for the trees. Then we painted the rain forest floor adding salt to the paint for texture. It was a messy project but a lot of fun.
When we start studying the Congo, he will be making some jewelry using dried noodles.


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