Tuesday, June 30, 2009


We have had off of school for about 4 weeks now, and it always amazes me what the kids come up with. It really makes me think about the way children learn(especially my son).
My son is the child who gets frustrated, can't sit still, and I have to drag to the table every morning. Yet on these boring days he has written poetry, started a daily journal(he told me he wants to be like Ben Franklin and learn one new thing everyday and he is going to write it in his journal, reading books-probably more books in the past 4 weeks than he read in two-three months during our school yr, started making Venn diagrams comparing things, exploring in nature, made himself an exercise program, researching on the Internet and library, has not asked me to play the video game, drawing/painting/creating art, making up games, map quizzes, etc.
So what does this mean? Maybe this child needs more opportunities to be creative in his day? He seems to be enjoying this time and using it to learn in his own way. I haven't heard one time from this child,"I am bored." My daughter on the other hand told me yesterday she wanted to start school today-the child who likes routine and schedules.
I had been wondering all school year..is he learning anything? He just seemed to be so uninterested in everything we were doing(except projects). He has showed me in his own way that he has been learning this year. Most importantly he is learning to be an independent, life long learner and I am so proud of him!

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