Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Starting Thanksgiving Traditions

We have many traditions for Christmas, but I wanted to start some Thanksgiving traditions. When I was a child visiting family was a big Thanksgiving tradition. Since we are a military family I really feel we need something special to commemorate the holiday and make it special. I found this article written by Deborah at the Old Schoolhouse newsletter. I thought it was perfect and I wanted to share. So, this Thanksgiving we will start this "tradition".

We gather the following items and talk about them and read the scriptures. The devotional centers around why we are thankful for Jesus.
Gather a vine, birthday candle, rock, band aid, chocolate kiss, toy ram, small candy cane, toy crown, puzzle pieces, bread and grape juice.
Vine: We are thankful that Jesus is the Vine. Read Revelation 17:14 and John 15:5. Talk about why you are thankful Jesus is the Vine in your life. What happens when you are not near the vine?
Candle: We are thankful that Jesus is the Light. Read John 8:12 and Psalm 32:8 How can we be a light in our neighborhood, in our family and with our friends?
Rock: We are thankful that Jesus is our Rock. Read Isaiah 26:4 He is stable and secure.
Band aid: We are thankful that Jesus is our healer. Read Ex. 15:26. Talk about different people Jesus healed in the New Testament. Pray for the sick.
Chocolate Kiss: We are thankful that Jesus is Good. Psalm 34:8 says to taste and see that the Lord is good and that the man who trusts in Him is blessed. Talk about how you are blessed when you trust Him. List some things you can trust Jesus with.
Toy Ram and Candy Cane: Read John 10:11 about the Good Shepherd and why you are thankful that He laid down His life for the sheep.
Crown: We are thankful that Jesus is the King of Kings. Read Revelation 17:14 Ask if He is ruling in your hearts. Talk about why we are thankful that God rules over men. Pray for your leaders.
Puzzle piece: Read Isaiah 9:6. We are thankful that Jesus is our Peace. Without God's peace in our lives, it is like a puzzle that is missing a piece.
Bread and Juice: We are thankful that Jesus is our Bread. Read John 6:35 and Mark 14:22-25. Have communion together as you remember Jesus and are thankful for what He has done for you.
I hope you start some family traditions this year to help keep your holy-days Christ centered.

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