Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Baby Is Turning Two

My little man is turning two tomorrow! Today we were reminiscing about the day I went into labor. My labor started about 9:00 in the morning with irregular contractions. My mother and sister were visiting and were going to be leaving in a few days. I was determined I was going to have him, not to mention I was three days late. We went for a hike and had a picnic. After that we went to walk the mall. My contractions started coming regular and it was about 5:00. We decided to eat dinner since I had a feeling this would be my last meal for a while. All during dinner my sister was keeping track of my contractions. As they kept coming we were getting more excited. We finished up and headed out to the car and when we got outside the sky was filled with clouds. Not just any clouds.....every cloud in the sky was in the shape of a heart. Some of the clouds even had arrows through them, it was so beautiful. Once we got home they kept coming and I decided to walk the neighborhood. There was no chance I was going to let them stop. As we walked my sister was still tracking my contractions. She would say five minutes....two minute....My son was so excited he would tell people as we walked past, my brother is coming in two minutes. When we got back to the house I decided I would call my husband to come home from work. He got home and we headed to the hospital, we lived twenty minutes away. We got to the hospital and they told me I was only five cm dilated and I should go home. My contractions were getting really strong and were about one minute apart by this time(11 pm). My husband and I looked at each other and decided we were not leaving. The doctor came back in and saw that my blood pressure was getting pretty high, so she changed her mind and said I could stay. They got me a room, IV ed me, and tried to make me comfortable. You are only about 6 cm so I'll check on you in a little while. My contractions were so strong and I just kept working through them. I decided I wanted the epidural and the nurse told me I was third in line and it would be about 45 minutes, you have plenty of time. I kept thinking I don't have 45 minutes. I finally got my epidural and the nurse said, " Well, let's see where you are. You are 10 cm!" I had a feeling but at the same time I couldn't believe it. She was acting like I had hours. She asked me, " Do you want to at least enjoy your epidural before I break your water?" I shook my head yes. Just as I did water broke. Two pushes and I am holding my bouncing little 9 1/2 lb. baby boy. He was so amazed at the world. He was barely crying...wide awake....looking all around at his new world.
So, now he is turning two and I feel like it was yesterday. He still is wide awake, observing everything about his world. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ETHAN!!!!!





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