Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Pineapple Maze

On Saturday we decided we would go try to complete the maze at the Dole Plantation. We have been through the maze two other times but have never found all 8 stations. Well, we did it! The world record is 8 minutes and we completed in 33 minutes. We were very proud of that since it is the "World's Largest Maze". Afterwards, we walked around the plantation and enjoyed the smell of pineapple. My kiddos were very excited to complete the maze.

"All 8 stamps!"

Little man getting a piggy back ride from his big brother. Silly guy is his favorite person right now. He just adores his big brother and they really have a lot fun together.

Me and my dear husband

Daddy and his little girl

"This way!"

Silly guy wanted to navigate us through the maze. He did a pretty good job!

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