Saturday, June 19, 2010


We took a stroll in Chinatown the other day.  On this trip I remembered to bring my camera. 
My husband loves to go down there to buy our veggies and seafood.  The prices are usually better than the grocery store and everything is fresh.  The color of the fruits and vegetables are so beautiful and bright.  Not to mention the flowers;  unique, fresh, and relatively inexpensive.  The aroma of the lei shops alone is worth the trip.  Everytime we take a visit I have to bring home a bundle of fresh flowers to brighten up the house.
Here are my pictures from Chinatown....

I want to go home with you!
In this picture, I thought the robins-egg door in the background was just the perfect contrast for the red and green. 

Mangos, Papaya, and Lychee...oh my!

I had to take some of these beauties home too! Red Ginger is one of my favorites here in Hawaii. 
In this picture...again the contrast of the red/pink and green against the blue + charm(the baskets hanging in the doorway). 

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Kristi said...

Cool! Would you mind giving me directions/tips? Would love to try shopping there. I love learning from you!


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