Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mountain Countries Notebook

I created a Mountain Notebook for Silly guy's History/Geography study "Mountain Countries."  The notebook has 24 pages covering countries such as;  Peru(The Andes), Nepal(The Himalayas), and Switzerland(The Alps).  I have uploaded the file to my page at HSlaunch.  Feel free to grab a copy of The Mountain Countries Notebook .
 Our maps were included in our study but you can find some great maps by googling. 
I did want to share this neat video clip I found on Watch Know .  It was like a little virtual field trip:)
A summary from the Watch Know video:  "National Geographic presents a short video on the physical geography, the ancient capital city of Cusco, and the Inca Trail. There is a visit to Machu Pichu and its amazing stonework is shown with explanation of some of its special characteristics. The mystery of drawings carved into the flat, dry plains visible only from the air is mentioned. Headwaters of the Amazon and the rain forest are also shown."  
Also, some great ficitional reading we enjoyed with our study:

Here are a couple of the notebook pages(below).  Have fun!


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