Saturday, December 18, 2010

Nature Hike

We headed back to Fort Churchill this time with my husband for a nature hike.  This place is becoming a family favorite.  It was beautiful to see the change the season has brought.  Last time we saw about four different kinds of lizards.  We didn't see a single lizard.  However, the desert was full of rabbits.  They were running and jumping everywhere we walked.  The dogs were going crazy with all of the scents.  Roxy our boxer would point and then a rabbit would jump.  We haven't trained her to do this so it was kind of funny. 
This plant has probably seen better days. I loved the way the sun reflected off of it.  It was breathtaking. Taking this picture made me realize something about myself, why I love to take pictures.  When looking through the camera lens I am able to slow down, observe, pay attention, and appreciate these little things I find so beautiful.  
 The kids spotted this hole in a rock which looked like a pretty comfy winter home. 
 As we were walking we saw... 
 a mule deer.  She surprised us when she just popped out of the brush. Pretty neat!

It was a great hike:)

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Christina Parker Brown said...

wow! What an awesome picture!!!


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