Sunday, September 4, 2011

Our Summer Part 2: Camping

 We went on a camping trip this summer to Eagle Lake.  It is located in the northeastern corner of California at the juncture of four major geologic provinces:  the Sierra Nevada, Cascades, Great Basin, and volcanic Modoc Plateau.  
It was a serene, peaceful area.  We enjoyed nature hikes, relaxing on the beach, and some much needed family time away from everything. 

In this picture the kids were giving swim lessons to our puppy Boomer.  He's not a  proficient swimmer which gave us a lot of entertainment.
 If there is a tree, there my boys will be...

When we came home this little guy was resting above our front door. He must have enjoyed the quiet while we were gone but that night he took off never to be seen again.  We were a little disappointed it would've been neat to observe him for a few days but I guess our front door was a little too busy for his taste:) 

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