Saturday, October 27, 2012

Savoring Autumn and Homeschooling

Autumn is one of my favorite seasons; cooler weather, leaves changing, fresh smell, sweaters, apples and pumpkins.
My last homeschooler, Little Man, has started kindergarten this year and we are having so much fun. He's so eager and excited to learn which is refreshing. He actually comes up with a lot of ideas on his own and I'm going with it. 
I'm coming to a place in our homeschooling journey where I have learned to enjoy the journey while learning along the way:)
Anyway, a little bit of our week...
Little Man made this leaf man after we returned from a nature walk. 
My garden has kind of taken on a life of it's own this fall with wildflowers and pumpkins growing wild.

This is the fruit of the pumpkin plant that has taken over.  The kids were so excited to have grown such a big, beautiful pumpkin. This week we'll be doing some of the pumpkin activities found at Our Journey Westward.  I also have planned a pumpkin nature study for this week using the Handbook of Nature Study by: Anna Comstock.

Sweet Girl is studying Biology this school year in science.  This weeks lab was a mushroom study/disection.  

Some artwork..."Pumpkin Still Life"
They both used glue for the line work and chalk pastels to add color, shade and texture.  Silly Guy still hasn't finished his because he was sick at the end of the week but I have Little Man's and Sweet Girl's to post. 

Little Man's

Sweet Girl's

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