Monday, October 13, 2008

Surf lessons

I signed my children up for surf lessons with the Navy Home school Group. I thought it would be a lot of fun for them to learn how to surf. When we first arrived I began to feel nervous. I saw the surf and immediately panicked. They are both good swimmers, but swimming in the surf is different than swimming in a pool. Then the instructors started to really frighten me. I said to both Mikaela and Blake "You don't have to do this, if you just want to watch this time that is fine." They both looked at me like and said "No, we'll do it mom." By this time I was physically trembling. Before I walked away I told them both to listen to the instructors and swim hard. I had to walk away, back to the beach with the other moms. About 15 minutes later they came down to the beach and two at a time headed into the surf. Once I saw them in the water, and how much fun they were having I calmed down.

They had the time of their life. They each had two turns to surf ,and every child in the class of 12, got up on the board. The whole way home they kept talking about how they wanted to get a surf board and they couldn't wait until their next lesson.

Ethan slept through the whole 2 hour lesson. Every time we go to the beach he falls asleep. Can't say that I blame him.

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