Thursday, October 9, 2008

While on a break, surprises...

My children always surprise me. When you least expect it, they show you they are life long learners and teachers.
My son,Blake, who at the time was seven, decided he was going to make puppets. I thought no big deal, but then he decided he was going to make backdrops for different scenes in his puppet show. After about 3 hours working diligently on his project, he told me his puppets were going to take a trip around the world. Next thing you know he is in front of the map..."I am in Dallas..I am in Russia....I am in Madagascar." I have to say inside I was just gleaming that my son, who can't wait until the school day is over, was having fun learning.
Then a few days later he tells me he is going to have an art class. He had invited all of the neighborhood children, telling them art class will be on Friday and Sunday. He went online and found projects to teach, made up a set of rules for his class(very funny) and typed them on the computer,and then best of all he cleaned up the garage to set up his classroom. Sure enough, he had all of his friends in the garage on Friday and Sunday. He had so much fun and I was really proud of him.

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