Sunday, April 12, 2009

Do You Feel Inferior?

Do you feel inferior?
This is a question I was asked recently.
Our neighbors invited us over for a barbecue. They are both active duty serving in the US Army. We were sitting around talking when my neighbor expressed to me she was thinking about getting out of the Army to be a stay at home mom. She said it is killing her to have to leave her children.
She was asking me all kinds of questions...Do you get bored? Do you want to hand over the kids and run out the door when your husband gets home? I tried to be honest with all of my answers. The one question that kind of surprised me....Do you feel inferior? It kind of shocked me, I guess because I can't remember feeling that way. I actually had to ask, what do you mean? She said I mean your contribution to the family. My response was being a mother and a homemaker is my role in the ,I don't feel inferior. Then my husband said, " If anything I am the who feels inferior. She does so much for our family and I don't know how she does it." I looked at him and almost cried because I didn't know he felt that way. She looked at the both of us and said I guess that answers my question.
I really began to think about that question though....
Why is it our society has given women the idea that staying at home to raise your children is an inferior role? We should be raising our daughters to know that motherhood is the most honorable and important job they will ever have. We should be raising our daughters to know that motherhood is not inferior but superior.

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Jess said...

thank you for the beauty of your thoughts. I really needed this.


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