Thursday, April 16, 2009

House Guests

We have had two very interesting house guests this past week. An African Grey named Sisco and a Sun Conure named Sunny. It was kind of a trade off with one of my husbands co-workers; they watched our dogs when we went on vacation and we are watching their birds while they flew back to the mainland. Sisco is a lot of fun. He talks and imitates everything you say. He kept saying things like they had meaning and my husband was reading they are very intelligent animals. They are considered to be as intelligent as a human toddler, a dolphin, or a chimpanzee. This past week my daughter has taught him to say her name. So ,every time she passes his cage he says....Mikaela..hey buddy. He has learned to imitate Ethan's temper tantrum scream and the barking/whining sound Wally makes when we leave the house. He was also imitating the garbage truck this morning. He is a lot of fun. Sunny on the other hand is so loud. He screeches, especially when my husband walks into the room. Let me just say....two more weeks to go. Sisco will tell him to shut up. Not very nice but still funny and he always has perfect timing.

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