Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Critter Sitters Part 2

My Sweet girl is a natural entrepreneur. The wheels are always turning and she is always trying to find ways and coming up with ideas to start a business.
A couple of years ago she came up with a plan to start a pet sitting/dog walking business. It didn't work out in the neighborhood we were in. She was disappointed but has re-evaluated her business plan and is trying again.
This time she lowered her fees and hired more help.
She has pulled in three other girls from the neighborhood who share the same love for animals.
She has been busy all weekend making contracts, animal care survey's, flyers, and applications/hiring list.
The four girls had a meeting yesterday to come up with a mission statement and rules of conduct between The Critter Sitters. They all came up with a promise between them and everyone had to sign it. They decided they would have a business meeting every other week to evalute progress and things they may have to change.
I am very impressed by their proffessional behavior. I am so excited for them and hope it works out!!

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