Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day at the Museum

We took the kids to see the Dinosaurs Unearthed exhibit at the Bishop Museum. The dinosaurs were so life like it was a little scary. There was one woman in the museum who kept screaming every time they moved or roared. It was so funny!
Little man loves dinosaurs but he was not taking his eyes off of these big guys. They moved and made noises and even their skin was leathery like a real lizard. It was wild! We actually went through the exhibit twice because the kids enjoyed it so much. The second time around we took more time to read all of the wonderful information.
Now every time we get into the car Little man says," Go see the dinosaurs!" Sadly we waited until the last day to go and it has left the island. If this exhibit comes to a museum near you it is worth the trip.
Here are some pictures of the trip....The Triceratops is Little man's FAVORITE dinosaur.

An Allosaurus skull. Look at those teeth!! Yikes!
This guy is a Tyrannosaurus Rex juvenile. Some info.. recent findings show that the T-Rex
was warm blooded like a bird and had hair. Very interesting.
A fossil of Triceratops horns
Digging for fossils

Little man had so much fun digging in the rice for dinosaur bones.
I am going to make a mini dino dig for him to play with at home. I think
this will be a great activity for him during school hours:)
Peering through a lava tube.

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Puplover said...

this was cool. i dont think little man will ever forget it


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