Saturday, July 31, 2010

Statue of Liberty Art

We are keeping with an American theme in Art this year since we are studying American History.  I found this idea on Deep Space Sparkle and thought it would be a great kick off for the year. We are still in the Pre-History of the United States but while drawing her we had great discussion.
I am thinking our next project will be to either use oil pastels or paints(haven't decided yet) and draw the Grand Canyon.   
First, we drew the Statue of Liberty, buildings, etc. in pencil.  Then, we used sharpee markers to outline everything.  Next, we used markers to color everything but the Statue of Liberty.  Last, we painted her using watercolors.  I enjoyed joining in with the kids.  Art is a great way to spend time together.  We were happy with the way they turned out.   

Sweet girl's
Silly guy's- He decided it would be the Fourth of July. 
He painted a night scene and used glitter for fireworks.

Little Man's



Jennifer said...

I love it! We are also studying U.S. History this year. It looks like a great project!!

Meg said...

Thanks! It was fun!

Christina Parker Brown said...

love you blog!


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