Saturday, August 7, 2010

Out of the Fog

This past week I had a rude awakening...literally. 
Every morning I have waken up with a severe headache.  I don't usually get headaches this often.  Maybe once a month I will get a minor one but nothing like what I experienced this past week.  Every night I went to bed praying it would be gone.  The next morning came and they just seemed to be getting more intense.  It was taking me about 3 hours to even function. 
On Tuesday, I woke up and it was the worse one yet.  It was pain I can't even begin to descibe and nothing I have ever felt before. You could say I was a bit frightened !! 
I struggled to get out of bed but I had to. I started to think to myself,  "What is going on?"
After about an hour and no relief I called my husband at work.  At this point I was in tears(which wasn't helping ).  He was growing concern too and told me to go to the doctor.  I hung up the phone and made an appointment right away.  I was so thankful they could squeeze me in asap. 
I arrived at the doctor's office.  I began to tell her where I was having this pain (the back of my head, radiating to the top of my head and down the neck)and descibing it to her.  Her diagnosis was a "tension headache". 
From what I understood, I have been storing the stress from this move in my neck.  Which then is affecting the nerves leading up my spinal cord.  She described it as a domino affect.  She prescribed me a muscle relaxer(at night), Motrin, gave me some exercises, and suggested that I sleep with a heating pad on my neck.  Usually, I don't take medicine but  had to cave in this time.  It was not only affecting me but everyone in the familly.  Everything was a fog.    
The first two mornings I  didn't have any relief.  I was starting to think I should go back to the doctor(or ER).   But then, this morning I woke up with a very mild headache.  How excited I was to see a light and to be coming out of the fog!! 
I am praying tomorrow will even be better:)

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