Friday, August 13, 2010

Kaena Point Hike

We had a free day last Saturday. We decided we would enjoy it by taking a hike to Kaena Point.  Kaena means "red hot" or "glowing" in the Hawaiian language.   It is located on the most northwestern point of Oahu.  The hike was very different from many of the hikes we have done on the island.
It was absolutely beautiful and we are so happy we went!
The picture above is from the left hand side of the road. I couldn't take my eyes off the beauty.  Then Sweet girl and I said at the exact same time. "That is so beautiful!" 
Once we reached the end of the highway and parked.  We set out for Kaena Point. 

I thought this formation looked like it was in the shape of a heart. Had to take a picture!
The entire hike the view is (in my opinion)the most beautiful ocean one will ever be blessed to see.

Silly guy spotted this formation, a Sperm Whale.

The view looking south-breathtaking!

This view is looking north.  In the distance you will spot Kaena Point. We walked for about 1 1/2 hours.  Then we decided to head back to the car.  Little man was getting tired and our water bottles were low(full sun all the way). It was a great day!!
Family Pictures from the hike...

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Kristi said...

Gorgeous... Once again, your pics have convinced me of something new to add to the "must do" list before we move. We hope you guys had a great move. What a blessing to know you and your family! We'll look forward to some new, cool postings once you're settled. :-)


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