Tuesday, October 19, 2010

We are here

We made it to Nevada! Yay! 
It was quite the move but we are here now and starting to get settled.  After a month and 10 days in a hotel room(not that I was counting), we moved into our new house last week. 
Hubby and I have had our hands full with painting, ripping out carpeting, unpacking, major weeding, etc.  We would wake up, eat and start working until about 10 o'clock at night.  I look back over the past week and I still can't believe how much we've done.  Now that we have taken care of the "must be done" list we are taking the next week or so off to get back to routine. 
It sounds like an easy thing.  Right?
Well, while we were in the hotel we were so bad and let routine fly right out of the window.  Which in at least one way was very good.  My Little Man is now potty trained because of that routine flying out of the window. Big Yay!!  Other than that...bedtime, wake up time, mealtime, schooltime, chores, etc. are all things that have to get back to normal.   I am looking forward to normal routine again.  I think that is what I missed most over the past month or so...a normal routine and also my oven.  I couldn't wait to bake a batch of cookies (did Sunday)and through a lasagna in the oven.  Which I am planning on doing tomorrow :)


Jennifer said...

I feel your pain! Staying in a hotel totally throws you off, doesn't it? :)

Meg said...

It sure does!!


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