Friday, October 22, 2010

The Way It Was Museum- Historic Virginia City

We took a field trip to Virgnia City.  This is such a neat little town.  As you walk down the board sidewalks you are taken back in time. 
In the 19th century this was a booming mining town.  The mountains were full of gold and silver and  turning folks into millionares.  It was the most important settlement between Denver and San Francisco. 
We stopped in The Way It Was Museum to learn something new.  This museum was full of artifacts from the period. 

I am not sure if you can tell in this picture but the water pipes were made of wood and then wrapped in wire. 
Timbers used in building this "Square Set" and thousands like it came from Lake Tahoe region.   Most of them were floated down the mountains in "V" flumes to the Carson River(and other locations along the river).  Then they were hauled up the mountains to Virginia City. 

This "cage" is one of the older ones used to lower miners into the comstocks.  No safety features here...they were added later.  Men would just hold onto the iron bar in the middle.  More men died from accidents on the cage than on the mine floor

Don't think anyone could get into that safe. biggest fear!! Snakes and not just any snake...the rattlesnake.  I am hoping to NEVER run into one of these guys.  So far so good.

Nevada's state flag at the time it was admitted into statehood.  October 13, 1864

Now I thought this was the sweetest thing.

I am not sure I would've been brave enough to sit in this dentist chair.  Notice the tools(on the tray)!! Yikes!!


See Jamie blog said...

Very neat field trip, but that idea of dentistry back then makes my skin crawl!

Meg said...

I couldn't imagine!!


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