Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lahontan Reservoir

One day we took a short drive to Lahontan Reservoir.  The reservoir is 17 miles long and has 69 miles of shoreline.  Some of the wildife at the reservoir include wild horses, bobcat, coyote, fox and deer share the park with a variety of birds. Also, it's Nevada's only known nesting area for bald eagles.  We did see what we thought were coyote tracks while walking along the beach. 
A very peaceful and quiet place. We were the only people around. We did see a couple of boats in the water as we were driving past the northern end. 
We took our pup's with us.  Roxy girl had a blast playing fetch in the water. 
 Sweet Girl could hardly wait to jump in with her Roxy girl.  Little Man wasn't far behind.  We didn't bring our suits because when we left the hotel it was in the 70's.  However, the reservoir is in the middle of the desert. It was at least 90 degrees and FULL sun.  Suits or no suits we had to get cooled off.

Silly Guy has been a little spoiled by the blue Hawaiian water.  He didn't want anything to do with the brown water, he he ;)

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