Saturday, August 7, 2010

One Last Trip to the Honolulu Zoo

Last night I was doing a blog makeover- updating pics, layout, background, etc.  I realized while looking for pictures I never posted these.  We took a trip to the Honolulu Zoo a little while ago.  Little man always ask ,"Can we go to the zoo? or beach?"  His two favorite places.
This was a laid back trip.  We took our time and let him navigate us.

Our three kiddos

A family favorite... the elephant.  The zoo is in the process of making these guys a better home-yay! 

One of my favorite animals at the zoo, the giraffe.  It was kind of funny.  There was an event going on across the street at the beach.  People were letting balloons fly into the air.  They just so happened to be flying directly over the giraffe exhibit.  The giraffe's were constantly on watch  looking out for them. 

Out of all the animals, Little man was facinated by the chickens.  While Dad was running out to feed the meter we hung out and watched them (for about 45 minutes). It was feeding time on the farm.  He thought it was hillarious that they were coming into their house for dinner time.  He was watching them go up and down the ramps. The zookeeper noticed his facination. So, he brought Henry out for him to pet and feed.  Henry was such a sweet rooster.   

The zookeeper told us Henry loves to have his picture taken with the kids.

The sweet little goats.

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