Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Card Picture 2010

On Sunday I decided it was time to take our Christmas card picture.  It always sounds so simple. But it is so difficult to get everyone to look at the camera and smile at the same time. Every year as I go through the pictures on the computer I just giggle.  I smile as I look at the faces and how they change with each frame. I think it is funny how out of 66 pictures there is only one where everyone is looking at the same time, lol. This is how it went...
To prepare we pulled out the matching outfits(this year was kids choice-football jersey's), washed faces, brushed hair, and the camera was ready. Sixty-three pictures later I realized I was missing the secret weapon...Dad

 Picture 1 through 23: Was me trying to get Silly Guy to give me a natural smile.

 While attempting to get Silly Guy to smile I started to loose Little Man. 
Picture 24-30: Ahhh Haaa! Got him to laugh but a little too much

Picture 30-35-Little Man is now laying on the floor. Ooops!
  Picture 38-The Kids wanted to bring the dogs into the picture. We had to keep moving the dogs around so we could see everyone in the picture.  Roxy(the boxer)didn't like the fact Wally was sitting on her girls lap.
Picture 47-We found a good spot for the dogs. Roxy girl was excited to be sitting on Sweet Girl's lap she couldn't resist giving her kisses, lol.
Meanwhile...Silly Guy is hanging in there holding his smile, lol.

Picture 63- I brought in the secret weapon DAD. We are almost there...

Picture 66 I got it!! Dad was able to get the children smiling at the same time and looking at the camera. The doggies were even looking too:)YAY!!


jcdice4 said...

Sweet girl looks so much like you now. I had to bring dd over to look. Great pics.

Kristi said...

Lovely pic! Merry Christmas!

Jennifer said...

I can totally sympathize! It's so hard to get everyone to look at the same time.

Even the not-so-perfect ones are perfect in their own way though. :)

Meg said...

jcdice4, it is a beautiful thing watching our girls grow up into young ladies!
jennifer, I know you can:)When I was reading your post I just giggled:)You are right. The not-so-perfect pictures are the ones that help create the memory.


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