Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Scary Lady

Scary, creepy, poisionous, deadly....the black widow spider.
This past Saturday my husband and I decided we would start to unpack the garage.  We started clearing out and unpacking.  Suddenly we were taken back by the presence of black widow spiders.  Up until this point we hadn't spent too much time in the garage.My husband started squishing them with a hockey stick-so brave!!  We saw  about six of them and decided we had an infestation. 
While unpacking I had put together a couple of boxes to take to the thrift shop.  After we finished in the garage I loaded them in my van, shut the garage door and we were done for the day. 
Monday came and after our school day was over the kids and I hopped in the van to drop off the thrift store boxes.  On the way home(while driving)Silly Guy yelled out There is a black widow!!  One had gotten into my van.I'm guessing from the boxes.   It was climbing up Sweet Girl's seat right behind her leg. 
She quickly jumped to the back of the van.  I had to pull over to try and squish it.  I missed and to make a long story short...we had to be brave and drive home with this poisionous spider.  We only had a couple of miles to go.  I just drove a little faster;)  We made it home and called the exterminator. 
We were so excited and relieved to have him come and spray the house today.   
He also bombed my van.   
This is a picture of a very dead black widow.  Scary!!

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