Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up Week 19

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I'd say our week was productive.
Little man was busy but he informed me he wants more school work.
I'm thinking about adding in a foreign language.  Any recommendations for a first grader?
In science he was learning about salmon and seahorses as a part of the fish unit.  After his reading and narration, I found a few YouTube videos for him to watch.  Check out this video.
 It's  about the Leafy Sea Dragon Seahorse.  He's a great example of camouflage.
For his experiment We sliced a cucumber and placed three pieces in both salt and fresh water.  We checked the flexibility of the cucumbers after 30 minutes, and then again after an hour to demonstrate how fish cells respond to fresh and salty water.

Little man's bible study was from Ephesians 6:  10-11 "The Whole Armor of God" .  After the bible study, he made armor for his teddy bear.
How cute does he look!

I recently found a website that offers online art classes ArtAchieve.  Usually I try to come up with something or find an art lesson on the internet but these lessons are laid out so nice and it's a break for me:)
The lessons usually come with some background information, warm-up, pep talk and step-by-step drawing guide.  The boys love the lessons and have really been happy with the end result.
This week they drew the "Owl from Bali".  It was a lesson in warm and cool colors.
Little Man's artwork is on the top and Silly guy's is on the bottom.
They used black paper, chalk and oil pastels.

Silly guy finished up his World War II chapter in Story of the World Volume 4.
He wrote a biography about F.D.R. and made a poster.
He also wrote an interpretation of the poem "Breathes There the Man" by Sir Walter Scott.
He finished up Module 9 in Apologia General Science.  He was a week ahead so he took the time to review &  study for the Module test.

Sweet girl had a busy week too.  She had a mid-term , a research paper on "The Industrial Revolution", chemistry test, and she has started trigonometry.  She is going to take 3 semesters to complete  trigonometry which will carry her through her senior year.
In November, she participated in NANOWRIMO Young Writers Program.  If you are not familiar with NANOWRIMO( National Writing Month),  writers from around the world are challenged to set a word count goal and write everyday for the entire month of November.  Then the writer submits their novel to get a "self-publishing"offer.  She won and will receive 5 printed copies of her novel and will be able to sell her novel on Amazon.

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