Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Do you know someone who has an interesting job?

We are going on vacation for two weeks Sunday. I didn't want the kids to start a new week in Tapestry of Grace. They would have to stop in the middle of their reading assignments and not pick it back up for two weeks. So, this week they have been just doing Math, English, Vocabulary/Spelling, Reading( I chose books they could finish this week;Mikaela-Call of the Wild and Blake-James and the Giant Peach)and Writing( I pulled out some writing prompts).
Today, Blake's writing prompt was: Do you know someone who has an interesting job? Write about the job and why it is so interesting.

This is what he wrote.....
My mother has an interesting job. Her job is to be a teacher. She does a really good job. She teaches me Math, English, Reading, and many other interesting things. I love my mom and she is a good teacher.

Normally, I would have told him to write more, but it melted my heart.
Sometimes I wonder .... Do they appreciate my staying home and teaching them? Well, he answered this question today. I was surprised.
1.That he sees my teaching and being his mommy as a job.
2. That is was an interesting job.
3. That my job is important to him.
It is these moments that I feel blessed and grateful that I am able to be at home and teaching them.

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