Sunday, March 1, 2009

She was in the back row!!!

Yesterday was photo day at the soccer field. Mikaela has been going through a rapid growth spurt lately, but it was really brought to my attention yesterday. MY LITTLE PEANUT WAS ABLE TO STAND IN THE BACK ROW!!!
Mikaela has always been so tiny, my little peanut. Yesterday, I saw that she is the 3rd tallest girl (13 girls on the team)on her soccer team and is one of the younger players. My husband and I were just shocked ,and she of course being an 11 yr old, thinks we are crazy. My husband and I were joking around and saying how we never had the chance to be in the back row and asking her what it was like... we were always front row kids, lol.
I don't know how long she'll get to be in the "back row" but at least she made it there once.
They are growing up so fast....

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