Friday, March 6, 2009

Making a Fossil Egg

We are using Apologia Exploring Creation Zoology 1 for Science this year. This week they have been learning about Pterosaurs. Today they made these fossil eggs and it was really neat. They used Play-doh for a mold. They took a hard boiled egg, cracked it and rolled it in the dough to make some egg impressions. Then they pressed some sticks and grass into the dough to make it look like the nesting material. Then they had to make an impression of a baby Pterosaur in the Play-doh. We poured plaster-of-paris over top and waited for it to dry. After it was dry, we used a toothbrush to take out the Play-doh. To complete the fossil egg we stained it using tea.
Blake's fossil Pterosaur
Mikaela's fossil Pterosaur

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