Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Report Writing

The kiddos have had many writing assignments this year.  I think report writing is giving them  a great opportunity for learning.  They have to research, read about, and write about a topic they are currently studying.  I have enjoyed this curriculum for many reasons(Lifepac). One of them being, it offers many opportunities for research writing. 

Sweet girl has had 3+ research report assignments per week since the first day of school.  It has given her tons of practice and she is improving with every assignment.  I am requiring that they follow the MLA style for writing and works cited. 

Recently Silly guy has had quite a few research assignments himself.  Up until this point they have been here and there.  So, I am still having to help him through the process.  I think  taking notes part is what stumps him many times.  He wants to write about everything he reads.  Using an outline has helped him with note taking. 

However,  a problem I have been having with both children is proof reading.  Sometimes they will hand me work and I feel I am repeatedly telling them the same thing.  Does it have a title?  Does it have your name and date?  Did you spell/grammar check? Complete sentences?  Most of the time I will hear "yes" but then I will read their writing and things are missing or still mis-spelled. 
Out of my own frustration, I have come up with a check list for them.  I put it in their notebooks and one on the wall(just in case).   I am hoping this will help them to become better writers, more independent, and help keep me stay sane:)

Things on their check list:
Does it have a title?  Did you underline?
Did you indent paragraphs?
Did you check grammar( punctuation, capitalization, agreements, complete sentences)?
Is it neat? 
Is you name, date, and grade included in the heading?
Does every paragraph have a topic sentence and details to support it?
Do you have an introduction and conclusion?
Did you include quotes(if applicable)? 
Did you follow the directions of the assignment?
Is your works cited included?
I read my work aloud.

So now having it in black and white they know what is expected with every research assignment, right??? ;)

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