Monday, April 26, 2010

A to Z Activity/Vocabulary Cards

I made some Activity/Vocabulary cards for Little Man's journey from A to Z.  I have uploaded them to my HSLaunch page.  If you would like to download the A to Z Activity/Vocabulary set click here .  These cards are great.  On all of the cards I have included upper and lowercase letter(at the top), a large upper case letter in the center for creativity, pictures at the bottom along with the word of the picture.  You could also print the cards, laminate and hang on the wall. So far we have completed A and B. 
For the letter A, we used dot art markers to draw around the letter. For the letter B, we glued some foam bugs-how fun!
Some other ideas for getting creative with these cards(inside the big center letter) are:

Glue beans
Glue rice
Stickers: either the letter stickers or stickers of animals,etc.
Cut letters from magazines or newspapers and glue inside
Foam letters or animals
Glue sand
Glue shapes or numbers(C-circles, H-heart, F-fives, etc.)
Dot art markers
Tissue Paper
Wrapping  or constuction paper
Grass(letter G)
Fabric pieces
If I think of other things I will add on later. Or even better, if you have any ideas you would like to share please post a comment.  If you would like to visit my page at HSLaunch to check out my other downloads click the blue link box(in the column, on the left).

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