Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Letter A

Learning about the letter A was the start of our A to Z Journey.
Some things we did for the week:
Little Man had fun making animal crackers(above).  I would offer the recipe but they really didn't taste that great.  We followed it to the T but I don't know what happened.  I am hoping it was just a bad recipe:)Little Man just picked off the sprinkles. Silly guy rushed into the kitchen excited to have baked goods. Until he tasted them, lol.  Sweet girl(poor thing) was in the shower during the taste test.  Silly guy thought it would be funny to offer her one.  Let's just say I could hear her from the other room spitting them in the trash.  Yes, they were that bad, lol.  It was still fun for him to mix the ingredients and cutting the animal shapes. 
He created his "A" activity card/vocabulary card using dot art markers.  He just loves using the dot art markers.  These markers were such a great investment.  I bought them when Silly guy was 3($12.00).  I didn't want to spend $12.00 on markers but since they have lasted 6 yrs and counting, I'd say they were worth it.   
He made an aquarium for art.  We used a styrofoam meat tray and glued a blue piece of paper on for the background.  Then some fish stickers, streamers for sea weed, sea shells, and some dye-cut fish.  To finish it off we covered the outside of the tray with a piece of saran wrap(taping the back).  Cute! 

For math, we sorted and counted animal crackers.  We also used different shape crackers(Club crackers, Ritz crackers, Wheat Thins, Triscuits-the triangle ones) to have fun with shapes and patterns.  I also cut up apples and we counted apple pieces.  Afterwards, math became snack:) 
We played a game with the concepts above and around. This is a great game to  work on direction.  He enjoyed crawling around things(chairs, table, kitchen cabinets).  He thought it was so silly to be crawling around all over the house.  Then we used toys and put them above our heads.  Also, pointing out what else was above us. 
We also played a game of act like animals.  This game is always best when put to music.  It has also started something.  He has asked me just about everyday to take him to the zoo. 

To top it off, he was sitting on the floor coloring with colored pencils(Sunday).  He said to me,"Look mom I made an A."  I turned to look and he had.  He used 3 pencils to make his very own letter A:)))
Some books we enjoyed: 
I think he really enjoyed his first week on his A to Z journey.  I know I enjoyed every moment!  Now onto B!

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