Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Squirrel and the Owl: An Earth Day Fable

Silly guy has been learning about fables and parables in Language Arts.  He wrote a fable on Earth Day about an acorn shell throwing squirrel and a earth wise owl.  He tried to incorporate a lesson in the spirit of Earth Day- "Take care of the Earth". 
He thought it would be fun to make it into a play.  He wrote the script, made costumes(nothing too fancy), gathered props and assigned parts to his "cast".  He was squirrel,  Sweet girl was the owl and I was the narrator.  They practiced for a good part of the day on the play. 
Finally they were ready to perform when dad came home from work.  I recorded the play with my camera and wanted to put it right here in this post for everyone to view(it was too cute). But now I can't find the movie upload button. I have no idea where it went.   Anyway, I guess instead I will give you the written version of the fable.

The Squirrel and the Owl
by:  Silly Guy

One day in Tiger Woods there was a squirrel.  As he was walking home he realized he was very hungry.  Then he found a pile of acorns laying on the ground.  "Wow, this is going to be a feast!" said the squirrel excitedly.  He began to eat them all up.  As he ate them he threw the shells on the ground.  Mrs. Owl was watching from the tree.  She was upset to see  Squirrel littering all over Tiger Woods.  Mrs. Owl yelled," Hey squirrel!  Don't eat too many acorns and pick up your trash!"  Squirrel said ," You should mind your own business Owl."  He thought about what the owl said for a minute but didn't listen.
Then the squirrel noticed that the shells were getting piled up.  The acorn mess was so piled up he couldn't get back into his nest.  All of the sudden the rain started to pour down.  He cried," How am I going to get in my house now?  I should have cleaned up my trash like Mrs. Owl told me to."  He started to cry because he had to sleep out in the rain.
The next day Squirrel had learned his lesson.  He decided he would clean up his shell trash.  It took him all day long to clean up too.  At the end of the day Squirrel said to Mrs. Owl," I should've listened to you Mrs. Owl.  I have learned my lesson.  I will clean up my trash and take care of the Earth." 
The lesson in this fable:  Take care of the Earth

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