Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Composer Study-Antonio Vivaldi

I purchased Harmony Fine Arts-Art and Music Appreciation a few months back. We are just getting started with the curriculum. Barb the Harmony Art Mom has designed a curriculum that is easy to follow and very user friendly for busy moms. The cds that are recommended for the study could even be listened to in the car. It has given us the opportunity to study composers and some of the most beautiful music.

This week we finished up our study on Antonio Vivaldi(1678-1741). While you listen to the music she suggest you write down images or words that come to your mind. Today we listened to The Four Seasons, Op 8 Autumn and Winter. I thought it was interesting what the kids wrote down.

More on Antonio Vivaldi click here

The Four Seasons, Op 8 Autumn

Sweet Girl-Leaves falling to the ground, birds flying, telling a story, the weather turning cold

Silly guy- Falling down a waterfall, London, jumping lizards

Mama- A coronation ceremony, someone sad in their room, then happy because they could go outside to play

The Four Seasons, Op 8 Winter

Sweet girl-Snow falling, sharks chasing someone, falling, sitting in a rocking chair sipping hot coco, haunted houses, sadness

Silly guy- A cat chasing a mouse, someone sad about his grandparents

Mama- running through the woods, mad scientist, a spooky hallway

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