Monday, November 9, 2009

Keeping Little Man Occupied

It is a challenge keeping a toddler busy while you are homeschooling older children. It has helped having a "school room" now. I can keep little man occupied in the living room/kitchen. Meanwhile, the kids can have quiet in the school room.
I found this cute idea for heart bird feeders on The Frugal Family Fun Blog . He loved it!! It was so great because he could do it all by himself.

I pre-cut heart shapes on cardboard and tied a string onto it. He then spread Crisco on them, front and back. After sprinkle with birdseed. We also took the opportunity to talk about birds, shapes, and it was a great activity for following directions. He was so cute. He would say over and over as he was making his bird feeders... First put Crisco, then turn it over and last sprinkle bird seed. It's ready!

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