Friday, November 6, 2009

Microscopic Finds

This week my children each had an activity involving the microscope. It is always so much fun to pull out the microscope and investigate our wonderful world.

Sweet girl was learning about meteors this week. This activity was fun. The best thing was we found some meteoric dust. First, we placed a powerful magnet inside a plastic bag. Then, we passed it through the debris in the rain gutter. After that, we placed the plastic bag in a jar of water and removed the magnet. Once in the water, we swished the bag around to remove all of the dust. Left in the water were little dust particles. Meteoric dust is composed of iron and nickel which is why it sticks to the magnet in the bag. We were surprised to learn two tons of meteoric dust falls to the earth every twenty-four hours. Here is one of the pieces we found magnified 600X.
Silly guy also had a microscope assignment this week. He was learning about stillwater life. His activity was to find still water and take a sample to see what he could find. We don't have a pond nearby and the drainage ditch is locked behind a fence. Lucky for us, we have had rain every night over the last week. We found a good size puddle on the playground. We didn't find fish, snails or amphibians but we did find something interesting. As we were looking at one sample under the microscope, we saw a microscopic worm. It was wriggling around....kind of neat and kind of Ewwwww!!! On another sample, we saw another bug crawling around the algae. Oh and lots of dog hair. Let's just say this lesson turned into another important it is to A. Wear shoes and B. Wash hands!!! I labeled the photo to point out the worm. It is hard to see in the picture.

Here are my little scientist. Little man is always ready and waiting to get involved.

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