Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mom, The Dinosaur Has Babies

My Little man LOVES dinosaurs!! He is fascinated with them. A friend from my home school group gave him two buckets of dinosaurs to play with and he will play with them for hours. Then I bought a dinosaur unit study (about 30 dinosaur books) from another fellow homeschooler and again he will sit for hours and listen to them.
So, for Christmas we bought him this little dinosaur that walks and roars. The other day I came home from soccer practice and there were potatoes on the living room floor. I said to my husband," Why are there potatoes on the floor?" My Little Man then looks up at me with his big blue eyes and replies,"Mom, they are dinosaur eggs." He had went into the pantry and pulled out about four potatoes and was pretending his dinosaur was going to have babies. Of course his father and I thought this was so clever of our little two year old.
After watching and playing with him for a few minutes I said,"Well, I have to finish making dinner," His face got very serious and said,"DON'T COOK THEM!"

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