Friday, December 11, 2009

The Secret is Out...The Truth Behind Christmas Photos 2009

Any parent can understand..... Goal: take Christmas pictures of the kids.....seems simple enough, right. Well, it actually means a lot of pictures(125 to be exact) with only a few that actually turn out. Most of the time one of the kids are not looking at the camera, making silly faces, etc. It can be frustrating. At the same time, some of the not so perfect pictures turn out cute. I wanted to share how things actually went. Little Man just wanted to bop hats w/ his big brother.
Sweet girl and Silly guy have always been so close. They kept cracking up
everytime I would take a picture.

Tongue sticking out and everything.


Yeah, I don't know what that face was about. I think I kept telling her
to smile and this is what I got, lol.

This one is actually cute, but me being a bit of a perfectionist, noticed he has
cookie crumbs in the corners of his mouth.

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