Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Winter Break

Our winter break is coming to an end. We enjoyed most of our time getting ready for and celebrating Christmas. We also enjoyed some family time since my husband took a few days leave.
I took some time to get caught up on record keeping; averaging grades, assessing progress, and reviewing curriculum to checkout what we have coming up and start making my library list.
I also set up a scrap booking station in the corner of my bedroom. I realized I hadn't scrap booked in about two years. The main reason being everything was neatly in containers in my closet. So, I pulled everything out and it is available when ever I have a free moment. It looks pretty messy but believe it or not I know just where everything is. When I pulled out my sticker album, I was very surprised and excited.

Not only did I pull everything out, I couldn't wait to get started. I ordered pictures(from 2007) and got busy right away. I forgot how much I enjoyed this hobby. Here are a couple of the pages I worked on. My goal right now is to finish Little Man's baby album.

I even found time to make a curtain for the bathroom. I made this out of an old shower curtain we were no longer using.

We took the kids to Putt Putt golf on one of my husband's off days. They had a good time!!

Little man decided he had enough of golf and was enjoying the Reggae music. He was drumming away on this garden light. Notice the booty shaking-he he...It was adorable.

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