Friday, August 28, 2009

I Want to be a Navy Diver When I Grow Up...

The kids went on a field trip to the Navy Dive Locker last Thursday. I had to drop them off because I didn't think it would be a good idea to take Little Man. It was a two hour tour and many things for him to get into. Anywho...
They had a blast! As they were getting into the car they were telling me about their experience. They learned about and operated some of the tools used by the Navy divers. The divers took them onto their boat and showed them around. The kids were able to do a science experiment learning about water pressure and the effects it has on our lungs. The divers kept their interest and let them explore what it would be like in their underwater vocation. Silly guy told me "It was the best field trip EVER!"
He was just learning about underwater exploration in history and found this subject facinating.
When we came home, he was building some of the tools he learned about with his Lego's; an underwater camera and a robot (which had hands on it to pick things up-they were able to play w/ this one). He brought his creations down to me and was explaining (in depth)how they worked.
Before this field trip my Silly guy wanted to be a Marine when he grows up. I asked him why he wanted to be a Marine and he said," I want to protect my country and my family." AWWWW! This made me a very proud Mama!
After this field trip he informed me he wants to be a Navy Diver. So cute! That is how you know- it was a great trip!
Sweet girl had a great time too! They snapped off some pretty good pictures too.

The kids wearing dive mask

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