Saturday, August 15, 2009

Nature Scavenger Hunt at the botanical gardens

We went on a field trip to the botanical gardens in Honolulu with our homeschool group. It was a fun little trip to get the kids into nature and to observe it. I made up a list of about twenty things to find. For my daughter I created an assignment that was a little more challenging. She is learning about classifying in science so I thought why not. I had her find five flowering, five non-flowering, and five trees. She had to either sketch or take a picture of the plant and write any information she could find(common name, scientific name, purpose, where it originated). Then I had her classify them. I think everyone enjoyed the day!!

Here is the link for our Nature Scavenger Hunt list I created. There are two activities: one is for younger children and the other for older children(my daughter's assignment).

Inside the trunk of this huge tree.

Silly Guy sketching something camoflauged. A little lizard on a branch.

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