Friday, August 28, 2009

Mom's Notebook-Record Keeping

Mom’s Notebook-Record keeping

What you will need: a 3 ringed binder, dividers, a 3 holed pocket folder/child and the following print outs from .

1. Attendance Record-I keep my kids a r in their binder-they track their own attendance daily.
2. Class Schedule-I don’t do well w/ schedules. However, I think it is a good idea to make one up just as a guideline on how you want your school day to run. I don’t put specific times to keep us from feeling like we are getting behind.
3. A Course of Study- At d you can print off your own typeable course of study.
4. Grade Sheet-If you keep grades dy has some wonderful resources for tracking them. She has an Excel program that will calculate everything for you. You can also use homeschool tracker for this. For me it is easier to do everything on paper. If I use the computer that is just one more thing I have to make time for. My oldest child records her own grades on the sheet after I have graded it.
5. Reading List- This helps me to keep track of the books read. We use edhelper’s lit unit along w/ reading in our curriculum. So, lots of books. Keeping a list helps w/ the end of the year evaluation. My children track their own reading list.
6. Field Trip Log- I keep the ftl to track out field trips. It also helps me to keep a homeschool budget. It helps with writing an end of the year evaluation too.
7. Extra curricular activities log- I use this form the same as the field trip log.
8. Important Websites- I keep this on my desk to jot down important websites. When it is full it goes into the Mom Notebook. I started doing this because last yr my computer crashed and I lost all of my favorites. Yikes!
9. Mom's Notes- I take Fridays to journal how our week went. Goals achieved, things we need to work on, etc.
A. Inside the Mom notebook are all of these forms separated by dividers(easy to find). I also keep a divider for extra printouts-planning sheets etc. a scope & sequence of our curriculum, a 3 holed/pocket folder per child, and their NOI’s.
B. The 3 holed pocket folder: This holds all of their completed writing assignments.
C. A divider for Math test.

And there you have it the Mom notebook.
Now, at the end of the year I clean it out(leaving dividers) and put everything into an accordion file along w/ test scores and end of the year evaluation.

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