Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Motherhood-The Roller Coaster

Motherhood can be such a roller coaster sometimes. First you are going up; still calm waiting but anticipating the excitement. Then you’re zooming down feeling like you are going to throw up and the world is zooming past you and you are feeling out of control. Then calmness again; butterflies, bubbles, and silly songs. Wait here comes the part where you are zooming and spinning in circles (planning, activities, laundry, cooking, and more laundry). Not done yet next you have the waterfall of spilled milk, juice, and cookies all over your freshly mopped floor. At the end you have the sweet moments of cuddles, story time, and bath time.

Today, I thought my boys were out to get me. I am talking they argued and teased one another. Were just really loud (or I am getting my hearing back, not sure). Just running around like animals. LOL! I sound like such a horrible mother right now and can’t believe I am writing this. I have a point here!

So, after this very exhausting day, I am giving Little Man a bath. Silly guy says to me,”Mom, I am going to save all of my soldiers for my son.” I said, “That is a good idea.” Then he said,” I am going to save all of my pet shop’s for my daughter. I started a journal about them too.” I said,” What do you mean a journal.” He said,” Well, I am writing down which ones are my favorites and which ones are rare. That way I can remember and then they can compare my favorites to theirs.” I was surprised by this. I said, “I think that is a great idea.” Then he said,” Well, that is if I have a girl and a boy.” I said, “Well, you never know what God is going to give you.” He said,” God is full of wonderful surprises!” At this moment I have to admit I melted.

Can you tell by my post I have had a rough day? Well, the point is, the moment you think your children are trying to drive you to the crazy house they can say the cutest, sweetest thing and melt your heart. While motherhood can be roller coaster sometimes, it is such a great ride!!

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