Wednesday, August 12, 2009


We started volunteering at the Oahu SPCA last week. They were recently involved in the rescue of over 400 animals. This number includes 133 dogs and their puppies, and 115 cats and their kittens. Their goal is to have all dogs in foster homes or to be adopted in the next few weeks. However with so many animals so fast, they are in need of volunteers! We saw the flyer at the pet store and immediately called and got on the volunteer list. We have been there twice and are trying to make an effort to get over there once a week.

The kids have made me so proud!! They have been working so hard caring for the animals and cleaning up at the shelter. They have swept, did laundry, washed bowls, cleaned cat boxes, and fed the animals. They never stop when we are there. They go to Ms. J and ask,”What can I do next?”

Ever since we have started volunteering their attitudes have changed. They are working so hard on their school work, completing their chores, and just seem to be in better spirits. So us volunteering not only has helped the Oahu SPCA it has blessed our family as well.

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