Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Morning Walks

We have started taking walks in the morning before we start our school day. As we walk we spot beautiful butterflies warming their wings, flowers opening up for the day, and little birds twittering all around.
As we walk my little man calls out all of the colors of the flowers; pink, white, purple, and red. He just loves the little birdies and butterflies.
This morning the kids thought we needed to collect some of these wild flowers to brighten up the school room. I agreed! So, we took scissors and a cup of water with us on our walk.
Silly guy is learning about flowers and plants in science, so as he was collecting, he is naming all of the parts of the flowers and leaves.
Sweet girl was helping me chose which flowers would match in our arrangements.
We arrived home and the kids helped me to separate the flowers and make the arrangements. We had enough to fill three vases. One vase for the dining room table, one for the boys room, and one for Sweet girl's room.
I love these moments with my children and feel so blessed to share them together!

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