Monday, May 3, 2010

Economics Study

Sweet girl has been studying Economics in History.  It has been great for her to understand this part of society. 
She had to write a report on the life and accomplishments of an entrepreneur(Henry Ford).  She also chose a communist or socialist country to write a report on.  It was in the assignment to compare their way of life to her own family's.  She choose to write about China;  government, finding a job, shopping, education being her main points of comparision.  I have to say this report was one of her best this year.  I can tell her planning process is getting much better and the way she communicates her research. 
The second part of her study has included learning about savings and investments, how prices regulate supply and demand , and how government regulates money.  This unit has also had her looking ahead in her own personal financial program.  She had to research colleges and find out the cost to attend four years.  Which can I say WOW!  One assignment had her setting financial goals(immediate, intermediate, and long range)for herself.  She is a saver so this assignment was not easy for her.  I was trying to help her but she kept saying I don't really need anything.  She also had to compare prices from different retailers for a product(I Pod). 
 She was on the computer tonight and I asked her what she was doing.  She told me she was trying to decide on a charity to donate too.  She went on to tell me she had added that into her financial plan.  I guess she found a need for her money. Her plan is to donate 10%  to an animal rescue(either OSPCA, ASPCA, Hawaii Dog Foundation, Joey's Feline Friends).  
She has always been business minded which I think is why she found this unit so interesting.  She absorbed every bit of information this unit had to offer her .  Good stuff! 

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